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Hooshyar 360 (Online registration & authentication)

Integrated online registration and authentication system using artificial intelligence

From registering Sejam to getting the transaction code completely online

Asr Danesh Afzar Company was established in 1995 to provide comprehensive solutions and specialized services in the field of software, education, technology transfer management, consult, providing services based on smart tools and banking financial services. Based on past experiences, the company has entered the field of face-to-face services in the capital market and by using experienced specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, has provided a new infrastructure based on which the integrated registration and authentication system of SJAM and brokerage implementation Has been.

At present, Sajam in-person authentication is operational in Mehr Iran, Melli, Parsian, and Isatis brokerage banks, and Isatis brokerage customers benefit from the brokerage online registration service. Using the generated system, the user can easily register online and receive trading codes in stockbrokers and securities brokerages.

With the increase in the level of knowledge and awareness of people about the benefits of investing and due to the widespread publicity regarding safe investment methods, many people have entered the capital market, so the number of shareholders is increasing day by day. One of the most important and main challenges that investors will face in this field is the issue of authentication. Authentication is a process during which a person proves and verifies his / her identity. One of the useful measures to meet this great challenge is to set up systems for face-to-face authentication that can help investors enter the capital market smoothly.

What is an integrated online registration and authentication system?

In-person registration and authentication system has been set up and operational to facilitate the process of receiving the transaction code of brokerage clients. In this system, by referring to the mentioned system, customers will be able to take action regarding any of the following cases: registration in SJAM, authentication of SJAM, registration in brokerage, and finally, after confirming personal information, sending documents, and concluding an electronic contract in The brokerage approval queue is placed and if the brokerage operator approves, they will receive their trading code in absentia.

Features of integrated registration and online authentication system

For brokerage

  • No need for customers to be present in branches
  • Image and video verification by artificial intelligence
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of handling affairs and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the price of office services
  • Market size
  • High security

For customers

  • Quick and easy access to service at any time of the day or night
  • Saving time
  • Save on travel costs
  • No delay in the authentication queue
  • Absence from the outside environment due to Covid pandemic

Online registration steps in brokerage

Steps of operator actions in the brokerage panel

View requests

In this section, the operator views the sent requests and selects one of them for review and approval.

Steps of operator actions in the brokerage panel

Requested review

By selecting each request, the relevant page is opened and the information completed by the applicant, the documents submitted by the person, the status of the test, and the status of the contracts are displayed to the operator. After checking the information, the operator can confirm or reject the user's registration. If approved, the user information will be posted on the brokerage TBS and a text message containing the username and password will be sent to the user.